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Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 06:51:10 PDT

Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 23:21:10 +0930
From: "RICHAR[] []AVION" <davion@camtech.net.au>
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Dear All

I find this very be-wild-erring that people who are not even in my
address book are complaining about my attachments and to add salt
to the wounds, - not to me but to the listserve; AND ANONYMOUSLY!?
Smacks to me like echoes from that Robert Redford and Paul Newman
film of the middle 1970s with that nice music. Must have stirred up
a honets nest somewhere?

Presumably they're complaining about a bum attachment they've got
from me via someone else. Is this the beginning of a new adage -
"Shoot the messenger of the Chinese Whisper"? - would you shoot a
deaf Beethoven; I mean Piano Sonata No. 8 is still pretty fresh
after some 200 years?!

I like Leo Song's present adage ... "Knowledge is only knowledge
once it is shared." If by sending attachments I am guilty of
spreading knowledge ('The memory of experience') then so be it. Let
it be.

I just wish one of you WebMasters out there in Cyberland would
write a program that could convert line drawings to ASCII codes so
that we could all share our line drawings and black and whites on
this listserve. Seems to me that this would be the perk-up that we
all need - let's face it the ICPS has been around for nigh on 30
years and yet noone has yet come up with a foolproof method of
cultivating Dionaea, Cephalotus etc. etc successfully - the
mainstays of our
hobby and the very plants to which the would-be beginners seem to

 Tom Hayes has done a lot of work on cutting development
and we should all take our hats off to him, but he's invariably
overtaxed seemingly doing this work single-
handedly and for little or no kudos let alone reward - aren't there
any more of you, like him, out there? Let's hear about YOUR
endeavours soon!

So before anyone goes complaining again about the shareware of
knowledge just take heed in the fact that our burgeoning little
hobby collectively still knows very little.

Savage Garden was a good Millennium start/Christmas present/wake-up
call but STILL, nowhere near the 'Bible' that every serious CPer
needs - just go check that Cephalotus chapter again, if I remember
rightly with piccies and diagrams it was roughly only 4! pages

Go to any other discipline Cacti, Ferns, Orchids, Hoyas, Geraniums,
Roses, Gerberas, African Violets (should I facetiously include
Weeds here? <Wink> [Hi, Joe]) etc and they have countless books of
every aspect of their favourites plants growth requirements. Why
should we be any different?

Remember Think not what your fellow hobbyists can do for you, but
rather what you can achieve for you fellow hobbyists. So stop
complaining about the dissemination of information and get down to
that proverbial 'Potting Shed' this coming week - set up some
experiments and find the E=MC2 of Carnivorous Plants so that we can
all benefit and get back to where we once belonged - you know ...
get back to that little germ of wonderment when the very thought of
CPs to us was fresh and young -
dare I say, it'll-be "just like starting over"!?!

DAVION - |B3, F#4; D4, A4|

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