Re: red utric bladders

Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 21:27:12 PDT

Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 00:27:12 EDT
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Subject: Re: red utric bladders


 Sometimes my U. vulgaris have red traps, and I can't discover the reason.
 This rarely happens, but when it happens, all the traps turn red. Well, not
 really red, violet (well, I've already seen one with almost black traps!).
 See a photo at

Indeed, they are RED. I thought I had an answer to this question and it is
right here on page 35 (a type of anthocyanin) in my book--CPS of The West.
Several other refs are implicated as well if you want to know more?! Also
you didn't say if your U.v. is growing in a large/small container, how old it
is, etc??

It is so rare to see inquiries on utrics; I have been busy most of this fall
puzzling over quadrifid glands on specimens collected this summer mostly from
Does anyone know of any recent research on NA utrics; my most recent papers
were done in the early 90's?! How about a key based on antennae/bristles?


 Anyone knows what's the cause? Anyway, they're much more beautiful this
 Good growing,

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