Dormancy in the UK.

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Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 02:18:51 PDT

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 10:18:51 +0100
From: Bill Tribe <>
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Subject: Dormancy in the UK. 

  To add my bit, I'm with Phil on the issue of Sarracenias and VFT
hardiness in the UK. I keep VFT's and all the Sarracenia species outside
all winter, in a coldframe lagged with bubblewrap to provide some frost
protection, and haven't lost a single plant. This is despite some very
severe frosts (by our standards at least). I think that here in the UK, we
easily underestimate how cold it can get in the plants natural environment;
my understanding is that in the wild they can get some really cold weather
- much colder than ours - although this may not last for extended periods.

  The issue of wind is probably the critical one, all my plants being kept
protected by the frame. I keep some Darlingtonias outside in this frame,
and others just outside, and the ones that are exposed to the wind get
quite badly dessicated, and take longer to resume growth in the spring,
growing more slowly. I've certainly heard of reports of plant losses in
outdoor bogs, so I would definitely endorse the suggestion that expendable
plants be tested if no wind protection can be provided.

Bill Tribe
Cambridge, UK

>I'm afraid not everyone would assert that Sarracenia and Dionaea are
>hardy in the UK as confidently as Phil. I recommend you test a few
>expendable plants first. From my experience, S purpurea seems ok
>and I haven't tested Dionaea to the limit yet (which survives in the
>New Forest) but the other Sarracenias might be suspect. Some
>growers claim the main problems are wind-related rather than

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