Drosera adelae

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Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 19:21:29 PDT

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Subject: Drosera adelae

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<< This is not totally correct. The best D. adelae I have seen were
 outside here in Auckland, NZ in an artificial bog / swamp. There were
 around 10 - 20 plants, all about 15 - 20cm in diameter and a beautiful
 deep maroon red colouration. They receive full sun almost all day and
 these plants are established and spreading and though they do not get
 as large as D. adelae that are kept in low-light conditions the plants
 were absolutely covered in "dew" and very healthy. Perhaps it is just
 a myth that they need lower light levels, though I believe in their
 natural habitat D. adelae receive low levels of filtered light.
Brian Quinn Auckland, NZ>>

The adelae varieties that I have received here in the US definitely frown on
direct sunlight, and will fry if they receive it. This includes the softer
morning sun, so its no myth at all. Since this plant can be a weed, I have
performed a lot of lighting experiments on it, and it doesnt like full sun,
or very bright light for that matter. They do extremely well in my Nepenthes
lowland tanks which receive low light levels. However, since Brian has seen
them growing wild in the full sun, then there are obviously varieties
(subspecies?) that can take the sun. I just havent seen any Adelae plants
here in the US that appreciate the sun like the plants you described seeing
in the wild.
Michael Catalani

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