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Date: Sun Oct 03 1999 - 16:34:46 PDT

Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 12:34:46 +1300
From: Brian Quinn <>
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Subject: RE: D. adelae

Chris wrote;

>Don't expose it to really strong light, as this seems to fry the
>sundews (although this guy (gal?) can take some sunlight for a few hours a

This is not totally correct. The best D. adelae I have seen were growing
outside here in Auckland, NZ in an artificial bog / swamp. There were
around 10 - 20 plants, all about 15 - 20cm in diameter and a beautiful deep
maroon red colouration. They receive full sun almost all day and these
plants are established and spreading and though they do not get as large as
D. adelae that are kept in low-light conditions the plants were absolutely
covered in "dew" and very healthy. Perhaps it is just a myth that they need
lower light levels, though I believe in their natural habitat D. adelae
receive low levels of filtered light. There are different clones being
traded around the world also - red-flowered, cream-flowered etc. perhaps
these do not all have the same light requirements.

Brian Quinn
Auckland, NZ

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