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Date: Sat Oct 02 1999 - 11:08:20 PDT

Date: Sat,  2 Oct 1999 20:08:20 +0200
From: (Tassara)
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Subject: Re: Sicily

>Bonjour List !
>I am travelling to through Sicily in a week and would like to know
>if there are any CP-lovers who could tell where to find interesting
>sites, ponds, swamps & stores. I live in Belgium ...

Bonsoir Renee,

I'm sorry, but you have chosen one of the worst italian places to look for
carnivorous plants.
Sicily is a very dry region, so it is not suitable for CPs.
About stores, you'll be able (optimistically) to find the same plants sold
in all Europe: the only italian CP producer is situated on the opposite
corner of our country (Friuli).

I suggest you to enjoy Sicily, as it's a nice place, and to postpone your
researches to the next trip.


Filippo Tassara
Genova, Italy

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