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From: Bryan and Leslie Lorber (
Date: Mon Sep 27 1999 - 18:04:34 PDT

Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 21:04:34 -0400
From: Bryan and Leslie Lorber <>
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Subject: Re: Australian CP

Hi Lucy:
IMHO, it would be Cephalotus follicularis, the Australian pitcher plant. It's
my personal favorite but I'm sure other folks on this list have their's :-).

I have an unrelated question for the list. What is the absolute minimum
temperature that a Dionaea can tolerate during winter dormancy?
Lucy Haycock wrote:

> I am new to the world of CP's despite having acquired quite a number in the
> last few months. I am moving to Australia to do an MApplSc for 18 months,
> and was wondering which CP's Australia is famous for, as I will no doubt
> begin another collection out there.
> Thanks
> Lucy Haycock
> P.S. Anyone know of a CP babysitter while I am away!

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