Re: VFTs near Wilmington

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Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 15:11:36 PDT

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 18:11:36 -0400
From: "Philip Semanchuk" <>
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Subject: Re: VFTs near Wilmington

> Now that hurricane Floyd has departed the scene, has anyone in the
> Wilmington, NC area gotten out to the native VFT sites to see how the
> plants fared through the rough weather?

Hi Carl,
Masaru Kirimura and I were in the Green Swamp yesterday and I'm happy to say
that the plants came through just fine. Judging by the debris on the trail
we were the first ones in the swamp since Floyd came through. Some trails
are a little flooded (many thanks to Jeff Welch for loaning Masa his boots),
some of the taller pitcher plants got knocked over, the D. intermedia looked
ragged from being flooded for several days and we found a couple of VFTs
underwater. But other than that, you'd be hard pressed to tell that a
hurricane passed through there not long ago.

The eye of the storm probably passed over the swamp. Since it is the area
immediately to the north and east of the eye that gets the worst of the
storm, other areas may not have fared so well.

In the area surrounding the swamp we did see a few houses with water lapping
up against their front door, but for the most part life seems to be
returning to normal. Interstate 40 (the main road between Raleigh-Durham and
Wilmington) was finally reopened today. Holden Beach (the closest beach to
the Green Swamp) remains closed to non-residents but all other beaches in
the area are open. I heard on the radio today that this is probably the
worst disaster in North Carolina's history.

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