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Date: Mon Sep 13 1999 - 13:56:22 PDT

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Subject: Re: Sarracenia minor forms


I can definitely back David up here. I have seen many plants in Georgia
which are between 6 - 9 inches in size. In my experience plants of this
species growing further south in Florida tend to be substantially taller
and stockier - the exception being of course the giant type found in the
Okkeefenokee swamp.

I wouldn't like to claim that the Georgian plants are definitely
genetically smaller than plants found in other areas - there are plenty
of other factors which can come into play here such as local soil and
water table conditions which can also effect size.

>>I have been led to believe that there is a pgmy form of Sarracenia minor
>>currently being cultivated in Australia. I am well aware of the well
>>documentedand grown giant form, but was wondering if the small form is well
>>known in cultivation in America or England?
>>Any input to this form, or any others of note would be most appreciated!
>I've seen S. minor growing in coastal South Carolina that are definitely on
>the small size with mature plants being less than 8 inches (and possibly 6
>since I'm doing this from memory.) I've seen S. minor in other locations in
>South Carolina that are large, easily above 12 inches if not more. Next
>time I go out, I'll take a ruler.
>In South Carolina I think what's happening is cultural rather than genetics.
>In cultivation it could be either depending upon whether or not the grower
>selected for size. Over many generations, it would be relatively easy to
>grow a pygmy S. minor.

Phil Wilson
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