Re: Sarracenia minor forms

From: C. J. Mazur (
Date: Sun Sep 12 1999 - 17:21:02 PDT

Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 20:21:02 -0400
From: "C. J. Mazur" <>
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Subject: Re: Sarracenia minor forms 

Question? How small is pygmy. I"ve got a plant that doesn't grow much more
than 6 inches high!, I consider that quite small since most of my others are
about 12 inches or so.

Carl Mazur

> Dear all
> I have been led to believe that there is a pgmy form of Sarracenia minor
> currently being cultivated in Australia. I am well aware of the well
> documentedand grown giant form, but was wondering if the small form is
> known in cultivation in America or England?
> Any input to this form, or any others of note would be most appreciated!
> Regards
> Nathan J. Clemens
> Bowral NSW Australia

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