Multifidas and frost

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Date: Sun Aug 29 1999 - 18:12:24 PDT

Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 11:12:24 +1000
From: Mark Bachelor <>
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Subject: Multifidas and frost

> I know I have the T form
> that comes back and I'm pretty sure I have the multifida form outside
and it
> comes back, too. I'll have to check to be sure. My bogs are also
> with small herbaceous plants so that acts as a protective cover, too.
> David

If you have a little bit of cover, or plenty of sphagnum it is worth
trying any of the
D. binata subspecies. After all they way the recover from roots or
damaged crowns
means they have a good chance of re-growing even if the frost kills a
large part of the
plant. It just means that you won't have leaves on your multifida all
year round.
Although even in my poly house my plants go for a couple of months
without leaves.
Currently they are again unfurling their long tangle of tentacles.
It is just that D. binata binata has the best chance of taking over an
outdoor bog in a
cold climate. Besides, you could always cross a multifida with
temperate plant.


Mark T. Bachelor

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