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Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 12:40:49 PDT

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Ah Ha! Another vote for "ventricosa" ! Yes, the lower (further down the
vine) pitchers definitely have that shape. The higher ones tend to be

By the way, could you possibly point me to a glossary of Nepenthes terms
so I can discuss this a little more intelligently?



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On Sat, 14 Aug 1999, Dave Evans wrote:

> Dear Steve,
> You made it easy, now.
> > Dave, Thanks. I wasn't sure what to show, but I will remedy that today.
> > I'll take a picture of the entire rosette and post it at the same address
> > (
> It's N. ventricosa. I really doubt it's a hybrid. N.
> ventricosa has a rather unique look to it that none of it's
> hybrids (F1, anyway) can quite emulate. I have seen larger
> N. ventricosa refered to as N.burkei, but they are just larger
> clones of N. ventricosa. Appearently, N.burkei doesn't have
> an hour glass shape, or at least not as extreme as what is
> seen in N.ventricosa.
> Dave Evans

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