Ultrasonic Fogger & Metal Halides

From: Joe Harden (jharden@txdirect.net)
Date: Wed Aug 11 1999 - 11:13:08 PDT

Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 13:13:08 -0500
From: "Joe Harden" <jharden@txdirect.net>
To: cp@opus.hpl.hp.com
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Subject: Ultrasonic Fogger & Metal Halides

Me again...in case anyone was wondering, here is a followup on my last two
purchases, the Ultrasonic Fogger and 250watt Halide.

The ultrasonic fogger came from Pet Warehouse https://www.petwhse.com/, and
was a dissapointment. I put it in the corner of my 50 gallon terrarium, and
the fog doesn't even reach to the other side, nor go more than 2 inches
high. I hoped it would fill up the area with fog, so I can put it on a timer
for every 10 mintues ever hour or so. It would be great for a 10-20 gallon
terrarium. Plus, it splashes water in a 4 inch diameter, a small tupperware
above it stopped the water splash. I'm either going to return it, and if
that doesn't work, I'll sell it if anyones interested. For round 2, I'm
going to search for a nice humidifier, and have it circulate air and
humidity into my three terrariums.

Over a month ago, I purchased a 250watt Metal Halide Light fixture for $250.
It did hurt the wallet, trust me. I replaced several 20 watt florescents
that were on top of 3 foot high terrariums. Sure enough, like I was told,
some plants did get burned foliage. But I assumed it was due to 'shock'.
The plants were used to very soft light, plus, the florescents were 3 feet
above (Their effectivness is only 10-12 inches). Well, 3 of the Sarracenias
and my Nepenthes have put out new growth that is not burned, and the plant
feels and looks in better health; The leaves are not soft and flimsy, and
the color is much better. The Cobra Lilies and Cephalotus didn't get
burned, but thats due to them being very new plants in my collection, and
they may have already been used to the bright light.

Win some and lose some with experience... I think I came out ahead, $250
worked, $40 didn't work. If anyone wants any more details, feel free to
email me.

Also, I ordered a second box of Nepenthes x coccinea, seeing how several
people were interested. I'm not ordering a third box, because I'm worried
still how to ship them. I'll contact everyone when I sell them out, and I
hope to ship them in the last week of September.

Joe Harden

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