Re: One last VFT pollination question

Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 18:58:15 PDT

Date:          Tue, 10 Aug 1999 18:58:15 
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Subject:       Re: One last VFT pollination question

Dear Chris & al.,

> And finally, the regular VFT that one gets at the garden centers is
> fertile, right?


> And the all-red forms are sterile, correct?

No. At least some of them are definitely fertile.

> What
> about the dentate forms? I believe that I read there are 2
> different forms of dentate, but I do not know which one mine is if
> that's the case.

There seem to be more than 2. BTW: none of these is a registered
cultivar so far, so there is (at least at the moment) little hope that
you will be able to identify your plants with anything defined.
NB: Yes, this is a reminder that (and an instructive example
why) cultivars should be registered with the ICPS, the IRA for
carnivorous plants. This message comes from the ICPS's International
Registrar (please, ask me if you have any questions concerning
registration or cp cultivar naming). _Dionaea_ 'Sawtooth' can perhaps
become one but it is not clear if the picture in P. D'Amato's
"Savage Garden" (1998, p.67) really represents this plant. The
picture displays very little red colour, while the description reads
"with deep red interior traps". Anyway, a good standard photograph
would be required. Another dentate plant will be described as a
cultivar (in CPN) and registered soon.

Kind regards

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