Re: How to get Ping. x 'Wesser' to flower?

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Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 23:44:42 PDT

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Subject: Re: How to get Ping. x 'Wesser' to flower?

> Just wondering if anyone could give me a bit of insight in how to
> get Pinguicula x 'Wesser' to flower?
> I can seem to grow pretty much any CP but I am a complete duffer
> when it comes to Pings - I just can't seem to keep them alive!
> At the moment I only have one P.x'Wesser' and, so far, it seems
> healthy but will not flower. It is in a bright but shaded area with
> a clear propagator over it in my bathroom. I don't leave it
> standing in water, I just add some overnight about once a week and
> remove the remainder in the morning. The compost remains damp but I
> never have it waterlogged.
> At the moment it is producing nice healthy leaves regularly but so
> far no flower.

I've got about 15 P. 'weser'. Some in bright light, some a little shaded,
indoors and outdoors. My experiences:

- It doesn't matter very much, how much you water them, but they don't
  seem to like really wet conditions. I leave them standing in about 1 -
  2 cm of water all the time, but they stand short dry periods very

- In direct sunlight (outdoors), they produce smaller leaves than in the
  shade - quite obvious to me. When I put a indoor plant (10 cm
  diameter) outdoors, it shrunk to about 5 cm diameter, but remained
  healthy otherwise.

- Indoor plants (west window sill) produce much more flowers than
  outdoor plants. Heck, my indoor plants are flowering about 10 months
  out of 12.

Of all CP I ever got, I found P. 'weser' and P. moranensis the easiest
to grow.



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