Heli pitchers

From: Bill Tribe (wrt20@cam.ac.uk)
Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 03:36:26 PDT

Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 11:36:26 +0100
From: Bill Tribe <wrt20@cam.ac.uk>
To: cp@opus.hpl.hp.com
Message-Id: <aabcdefg2648$foo@default>
Subject: Heli pitchers

>Would anyone care to respond about my previous posting on the peculiar
>pitchers on the flower stalk of my Heliamphora nutans? Are they carnivorous
>like the ones arising from the roots? Any theories as to why they appear
>halfway up the flower stalk? Angie Nichols, SC


  Can't comment on the "carnivorous" nature - perhaps if you could use the
pitchers as a cutting and get them to root, that may be taken to "prove"
that they are comparable to normal pitchers?

  I'm interested in what clone you have. I know the plant often distributed
as the "Oxford" clone occasionally produces these pitchers, but have not
heard of any other variety of H. nutans doing so. Is it this clone that you
have? I have also heard that this clone is sterile, though so far the case
for this is unproven.

Bill Tribe
Cambridge, UK.

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