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From: Kevin Snively (
Date: Thu Jul 01 1999 - 17:33:51 PDT

Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 17:33:51 -0700
From: Kevin Snively <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg2434$foo@default>
Subject: Re: Field Trip

On Thu, 01 Jul 1999, you wrote:

> OK - so as precicted, I got to New York New York (so good they named it
> twice - hmmmmm?)

It is a legacy left to us by the British who colonized the region a
while back. We left the name in place to avoid adding to the confusion
they had caused, and sent them home some time back in the 1700's.

Now the fact that we have two Washington's is purely our own mess and we have
no one to blame there except our selves.

>From the Washington, on the left coast,
    not as confused or confusing as the one on the right and much
easier to find on the map. You know, just south of British Columbia!


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