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Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 07:06:33 PDT

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Subject: RE: Field Trip

>Two things before the Field Trip stuff. For many people a trip to see CP
>in the USA may seem mundane - after all, so many of you live there and
>can just walk outside and see the stuff.

Thanks for a wonderful description of the enthusiasm of seeing cp's in the
wild. I get a strange, fuzzy feeling when I visit my first S. flava patch
near Summerville. It's a patch I rediscovered after 30 plus years, having
first seen them when I was 10. I pray each time I go home and visit this
place that it hasn't been drained and developed. I walk out into the brush
with a sense of wonder that they exist and that I have the privilege of
seeing them and decapitate the seedling pines growing near them, which have
taken hold because fire is no longer allowed with houses nearby. I know the
kids on the street know they're there, but I doubt the adults do. It
remains our secret that such an strange plant lives so close. At least in
coastal South Carolina near Charleston, they are no longer easy to find.
Growing up there, I don't remember ever driving around and seeing fields of
Sarracenia. I can find them now only because I know their habitat and am
willing to drive around the backroads and get out and look. But therein
lies the fascination and the satisfaction of finding isolated populations.


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