Re: Photo credit problems

From: Stefan Ploszak (
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 12:00:28 PDT

Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 12:00:28 PDT
From: Stefan Ploszak <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg2327$foo@default>
Subject: Re: Photo credit problems

HI Andrew,

Perhaps we're at a point where we need to continue this privately, but I
will respond to this last letter.

>I am terribly sorry if I used your photos.They were >mixed in with what was
>left of mine, salvaged from the >barn.

Yes, I recall reading about your recent move and all your troubles along the
way. I'm saying your mix up is understandable.

>Odd thing is I have negatives of
>them as well, which was what led me to think they were >mine. I even have
>photos from that negative strip on >both sides of those pictures. Did you
>send me negatives as well? How many pictures did you send me?

Now this is interesting. I've sent you about a half a dozen photos; the two
you've displayed on your webpage, along with some leuco photos from Alabama.
But the 2 photos in question went to you, Dean Cook, Carl Mazur, Tom Hanley
and Charles Brewer( sorry to bring your names into this discussion). Tom
Hanley has even made me a mouse pad of the flava photo and, like I've
mentioned, Dean Cook has had these photos on his webpage for years. Andrew,
there is no mistaking these two photos as something you've photographed.
Take a look at Dean's webpage and compare for yourself.

>I have been on several field trips and taken many >photos of many plants.
>In fact I have even been told >where those probably were taken, and I did
>visit there
>several times and recall seeing the plants.

Well, if you've taken the photos, why do you need someone to tell you you've
been there?? Besides, the location of these plants in question isn't well
known. Perhaps this is why, as the photo shows, the plants are so plentiful.

>I shall, if you like remove the pictures and put up >better ones. It was
>an honest mistake though, no >thought of taking credit from anyone ever
>occured to me.

If you want to call these photos your's, you should remove them. Andrew, I
know your an educated man. Having published material in college, you know
the formalities involved. That is all I'm asking.

Sorry to all for continuing this on the list. We'll move it to a private

Stefan Ploszak

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