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From: chris (drosera@CAM.ORG)
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 10:36:40 PDT

Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 13:36:40 -0400
From: "chris" <drosera@CAM.ORG>
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Subject: Re: Venus Fly Trap

Hi Jay,

Chris again. I can assure you that VFTs can be grown at home. I've
had mine for years. And in my opinion, they are no more difficult
to grow than any of the other plants you have. Maybe next time you
should try using dead peat moss alone, because that is what I use,
although I have top covering of live peat moss. I find the live
peat moss help reduce the incidence of mould. I think probably the
best mothod of all would be to grow it in live peat moss completely,
if that is possible for you. To be honest, It seems to me that the
plant died too quickly, so it may have already been in distress.
The move alone may have pushed it over the edge.Next time you buy
one, make sure it is healthy in appearance, good colour, well formed
leaves, good size, etc. You might want to consider getting the
plant from a different source.

Here are a couple of links that may prove useful to you;

Hope these help.

I was a little disapointed that no one else answered your question.
I would have liked to hear other points of view. I still don't know
what that Ping. is, or how to grow it properly. If you manage to
keep it alive for more than a year, let me know how you did it.

Chris F.

  I posted over a week ago about buying a mini-terrarium that
  contained a VFT, Pitcher, Ping, and Sundew with moss only. After
  reading the very excellent response, I followed the instructions
  the best I could; giving each plant it's own pot with the
  appropriate potting. I ended up putting the VFT in a
  peat/vermiculite mixture where the plant promptly turned black.
  This is my 5th VFT in the past 10 years, and they all die within 2
  months. The nearby greenhouse said that is typical for the VFT.
  What am I to do to establish a beautiful healthy plant? Jay

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