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Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 13:18:07 PDT

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 16:18:07 EDT
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Subject: Re: Book orders overseas

Hey folks, Peter here at California Carnivores:
      After seeing a couple of comments on the chit chat server, I should
mention that our nursery does ship The Savage Garden overseas, but many would
be better off ordering the book through their local bookseller, as it can
take weeks or even months to some countries to arrive. To ship the book
airmail costs more than the book, so we charge $4.50 for slow shipping. Some
books arrive in England in two weeks, but sometimes almost two months! A box
of books took months to arrive safely in Italy! And to South America, well,
you can write your own book in the time it can take!
     The weather out here on the northwest coast continues to be erratic and
chilly, dispite occasional hints of true summer. Sarracenia outdoors bloomed
in early June instead of early April. We moved some D. x hybrida from the
greenhouse to outdoors, and they all went dormant! Oh dear. The folks in San
Francisco are shivering in fog, and the only plants that may be doing well
outdoors there are N. villosa! We had light FROST three weeks ago, when no
frost should occur out here after mid April. It's that old La Nina!
     I gave a rousing speech and displayed cool plants like N. lowii at the
convention for the American Association for the Advancement of Science last
weekend. My talk was scheduled to be less than an hour, but they kept me and
Marilee there for 2 1/2.
They were a fun group of scientists, and particularly enjoyed the fact that
some plants may be more "crapivorous" than insectivorous, and were just as
baffled about the evolutionary mystery of these plants as the rest of us.
     We've been asked once again to display our plants at the Sonoma County
Fair, whose Hall of Flowers' theme this year is The Circus. Of course they
want us to decorate the section called Freak Show. Oh joy!
     Th-th-th-that's all, folks! Peter

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