Re: D. regia

From: Dave Evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Date: Fri Jun 18 1999 - 14:01:00 PDT

Date:    Fri, 18 Jun 99 17:01 EDT
From: Dave Evans                           <T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg2241$foo@default>
Subject: Re: D. regia

Thanks Chris & Peter,

> Yes, Hungry plants when in operation has TC'd D. Regia. I managed to
> get five plants from the tube. At one time I gave away fifty-four small
> plants which I started from root cuttings, at this time I only know of
> four left. I lost my last two a year ago.

   I recall we talked about your plants just a couple weeks ago, Peter,
but I wasn't sure if Ron had TC'ed them or not. While on this note,
the last time I recall seeing _Drosera regia_ available commercially
was about/over a year ago from California Carnivorous. Does anyone
know of another such source? I'm guessing that no one has it in TC
anymore, huh?

Dave Evans

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