Re: GORDON CHEERS COVER FOR SALE and selling on the list

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Date: Thu Jun 17 1999 - 16:42:31 PDT

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 09:42:31 +1000
From: "Mark T. Bachelor" <>
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Subject: Re: GORDON CHEERS COVER FOR SALE and selling on the list

>> At least two of them,
>>with just a direction saying that cp@opus is for DISCUSSION while
>>cp-trade@opus (ie) is for TRADING.
>No more cp lists, please. I like the idea of being on a discussion list
>where members can post a short email with plants for trade or sale. For me,
>the key is short. If you have a long list then consider making a brief
>announcement and ask members to contact you privately.

Personally I don't mind short announcements, but constant and long
requests/ads on what is supposed to be a discussion list is annoying.
Direct inquiries to people who have specific plants can be more productive.
I am currently in the process of responding to such inquiries.

However, .....
>As a goodwill gesture I wonder if any of you out their in virtual
>land can contact David Bond (who only recently return from a year's
>sabbatical in the US and might not yet be back on the net.) of the
>VCPS since he is an avid CP Memorabilia collector (his collection
>is well worth a look if you're ever travelling through that way)
>and would probably kick himself if he missed a chance to bid for
>this unique piece of historic artwork.
...... I will pass this on to David on Wednesday during our AGM.

In the mean time I'm off on holidays again (3 Weeks) and the system here may
go down while it is upgraded again.


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