Re: D. binata complex

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Date: Thu Jun 17 1999 - 14:25:29 PDT

Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 22:25:29 +0100
From: Phil Wilson <>
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Subject: Re: D. binata complex

In message <>, Steve Alton
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>Dear All,
>As aprt of my general tidying up, I decided to re-label my Drosera
>collection, and realised that I have no idea of current thinking on
>the nomenclature of the D. binata complex - D. binata, D.
>dichotoma, D. multifida, etc?
>Could someone enlighten me, please?
I believe Robert Gibson is looking at this very subject at the moment -
eventually to be published in one of the CP journals (hopefully the

Phil Wilson
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