Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 15:44:15 PDT

Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 18:44:15 EDT
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Subject: Complaints

Dear Fabio and all,

>> hi all.
> this is off the subject a little!
> i have some spider plants(chlorophytum) for sale. contact me for details.

>I can't simply understand how can one behave this way.
>Absolutely unbelievable. I have tons of plants here, dozens of Drosera
>filiformis filiformis, a ton of capensis of several species, not to mention
>bunches of sphagnum moss I am multiplying. Ever seen a sale-post from me
>And the same works for the 90% of the people on this list.

I personally enjoy reading peoples for sale and wants lists.
Its thru this list that I have managed to obtain some very interesting and
choice plants.
Whilst I agree that offering spider plants is perhaps not the best way to
conduct our CP chat, I think that its also important to accept that newbies
to the list (and the hobby) have different priorities.
Don't you remember when you first sprouted loads of D. capensis and wanted to
sell them to the world? (rather than throw them out as a weed).
What has struck me about this list is the mutual respect and help that is
handed out at all levels (especially compared to other newsgroups), and I for
one would not want it to be changed, even if I dont want to read articles
about spider plants.
If you dont like it skip over it!!

BTW are any of those D.filiformis for sale? (grin)

John Wilden

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