Re: Looking for D. Regia

From: Dave Evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 14:22:00 PDT

Date:    Wed, 16 Jun 99 17:22 EDT
From: Dave Evans                           <T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg2196$foo@default>
Subject: Re: Looking for D. Regia

Dear Amy,

> I'm looking to buy a mature Drosera Regia, the King
> Sundew, for a reasonable price. Let me know if you
> have one for sale or know of anyone with one for sale.

   Good luck! This species doesn't like to be moved at all. And
then, only small plants should be moved. You will have much better
luck finding someone who has seed or is willing to cut a root off
their plant and send it to you. There is no reasonable price for this
species as they are so difficult grow for so many people.
   Has any one managed to get this species into TC? If so, does
it make it through being deflasked?
   I know Darlingtonia was TC'ed, but hardly any plants would
make it through being deflasked. Has this changed any?

Dave Evans

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