Snails & utrics

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Date: Mon Jun 14 1999 - 14:09:15 PDT

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 21:09:15 +0000
From: "Tracie Whitley" <>
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Subject: Snails & utrics

> Ive always assumed CP and
> snails didnt mix well after hearing about friends casualties - can I
> go
> to the pet store and find some aquarium snails which wont harm
CP or
> should
> I avoid using snails?

I use ponds snails in with my aquatic utrics. They are very small
and have a football shaped shell. (I have heard rumors they are
plant eaters but I haven't seen it. Maybe they don't like utrics.)
Also, ramshorn snails (not mystery snails) will not eat the plants.
These snails will eat the algae on the plants also but leave the
plants untouched. Sometimes you will see them crawling up the
sides of the tanks at petstores like Petsmart and the hitch rides on
aquarium plants so you should buy an elodea or something and put
it in a jar and wait. They will show up. Or you can ask the clerk at
the petstore for a few that are climbing the walls. I do that when I
go to buy new fish and they put them in the same bag. My
ramshorn snails have black spots on the shells. They are really
kind of cute.


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