Need Milled Sphagnum / "No Damp Off" ASAP

From: Sundew Sundew (
Date: Sun Jun 13 1999 - 10:31:01 PDT

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 10:31:01 PDT
From: Sundew Sundew <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg2145$foo@default>
Subject: Need Milled Sphagnum / "No Damp Off" ASAP

I'm practically out of "no Damp Off", aka milled sphagnum and desperately
need some more. Before someone tells me to go to my local store and buy
some instead of wasting bandwidth, let it be known that I have already tried
FOUR local nurseries and they are all sold out (apparently they only stock
the stuff in the spring).

Could someone please let me know of a mail order place that might be able to
sell me some for delivery ASAP OR, if there is someone out there willing to
purchase some for me and send it to me COD or in trade for some Drosera or
possibly other CP, that would be great. An ideal quantity would be 3 or 4

Thanks in advance!

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