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Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 06:56:23 PDT

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Bill Sherriden wrote:-
Hi Everyone, My Nepenthes are coming back to life after a cold and
dark winter..Can anyone tell me whether the highland Nepenthes
Veitchii is considered a slow grower? I have two examples which I
have had two years grown from tissue culture..Both are still tiny
with not much new growth. One currently is developing a new leaf,
while the other has no obvious new growing point..Any tips on
encouraging the growth? Both my Rajah & villosa are sprouting
nicely and they are considered slow growers..

Bill, are you sure they are the highland form? sounds like they are lowland
or you have them too cold.
Like N. burbidgeae, they will enjoy mid range temps and grow better.
N. rajah and especially N. villosa are from much higher altitudes.

Phill Mann
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