Re: mosquito control (was algae and rainwater)

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Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 20:39:40 PDT

Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 23:39:40 -0400
From: "Jay Lechtman" <>
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Subject: Re: mosquito control (was algae and rainwater)

While I cover the three 32-gallon cisterns I use to collect
rainwater from the water (my, but water butt is a much more colorful
term <gr>), I still get mosquito larvae in the water trays my
outdoor plants are placed in. Since the mosquitoes look menacingly
like the Asian Tiger Mosquitoes I have heard now can carry Dengue
Fever in the Southeast U.S. (might need David M. or another
CDC-type to verify this <gr>) I'm somewhat concerned.

I have recently seen mosquito control cakes comprised primarily (I
believe) of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis, and designed
to be broken up and disolved in water.

Has anyone used this product? Any experiences you can share?
untoward effect on plants? reapplication rate? effectiveness?

pieces of the cake are applied according surface area of the water,
and the label says that the Bt, once applied in water, can dry out
and be re-wet repeatedly without losing effectiveness.

Look forward to replies (to the list, please)

Jay Lechtman ( Ashburn, Virgnia, USA

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