Re: Nepenthes shoots

Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 15:42:05 PDT

Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 16:42:05 -0600
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Subject: Re: Nepenthes shoots

>>Someone said that all you have
>> to do is arrange the plant so that the growing tip is lower than the
>> roots and in a couple of weeks a shoot will form at the base of the
>> That part sounds good, but once the new shoot has formed, can the
>> tip be re-positioned as it was before, above root level?? Will this
>> affect the growth rate of the shoot in regard to the (auxin) levels
> No, just as lowering the vine has allowed one or some nodes to
>go active, raising the orginal vine back right away can cause them
>to abort and die. Often, when several node break at once one or two
>will become dominate and the slower/weaker shoots will abort for the
>same reason.

While I agree with Dave on this, just to add a little more detail, I have
found that the better established the shoot is, the less likely it will
be inhibited by other growing points. In other words, once a shoot has 5
or so decent sized leaves you could reposition the old long growing tip
and it will have relatively little affect whereas an emerging bud will
probably abort.


Boulder, Colorado

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