Re: Red Forms of VFT

From: Seos mac Cárthaigh (Seosamh.macCarthaigh@NUIGALWAY.IE)
Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 05:04:45 PDT

Date: Fri, 04 Jun 1999 12:04:45 +0000 (GMT)
From: Seos mac Cárthaigh <Seosamh.macCarthaigh@NUIGALWAY.IE>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg1990$foo@default>
Subject: Re: Red Forms of VFT

> Could someone explain to me the difference between Akui Red
> (spelling?), Red Dragon, Royal Red, etc? varieties of VFTs? Are
> they the same or not? How does one differentiate them?

bit of a debate about this recently, some saying there are no
differences others saying there are clear differences. I fall into
the latter camp (at the moment) and suspect the reason some people
are finding no differences (in mature plants) is that they are
looking at either 2 ARs or 2 RRs. I have arranged swaps of
plants with another list member, so we'll see.

I would love to hear from the CP lads and lassies in Atlanta as to
why they declared AR a different variety - Jan can you help here?




Seos mac Carthaigh

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