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Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 00:55:27 PDT

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Subject: Re: Pinguicula Moranensis

> I grow over 30 different kinds of CPs ranging from Drosera to
> Nepenthes and more. Yet somehow I have difficulty raising
> Pinguiculas. I used to get those ones from the hardware store (I
> doubt they were P. Vulgaris, as stated on the container), but no
> matter what they always died. I now have a P. Moranensis which has
> matured from a seedling to an adult plant over the last year.
> Nonetheless I am concerned that the plant may perish anyway. I want
> to get plantlets from it as a safe guard should something go wrong
> again. Which way is easier? Should I use leaf cuttings or wait for
> those buds to grow on the leaves? I already tried leaf cuttings
> once and it did not work, but I have not gotten any buds either.

Hi Chris,

for me, the things are a weed! I lurk in this list for some time
now. I'm growing CPs since about 6 years, but still limit myself to
newbie species - mostly for space and time reasons. One of my first
plants - besides the VFT, of course :-) - was a P. moranensis, bought as
P. caudata, at that time.

It was planted in a 5 cm pot in what looked like normal soil mixed with
(whaddyacallit) the covers of wheat corns (aehm). After the first year
it grew too big for the pot, so I tested a little. I unpotted it and
took leaf cuttings. As described in my Slack, I took the winter rosette
and just ripped out the leafs from the rosette. Then I pressed the leafs
in different media to see the results. About 80 % of the leafs grew new
plants - independent of the media. Even in ordinary Flower soil, the
leafs grew again. In the meantime I grow all my P. moranensis in a 1:1
flower soil / peat mixture. The plants seem to take the pre-fertilized
soil very good - better than any of the two media seperately.

I now have about 20 plants of P. moranensis. This year I even threw away
a couple of plants, because of severe space limitations (my girlfriend
seems to have different plans with our balcony ...)

> Also, the leaf size is about 2". How large can this plant get? In
> the last few weeks the new leaves are growing in a more upright
> position. What does this mean?

My largest P. moranensis is about 12 cm in diameter. That would be about
5". However, this specific plant could be a P. 'weber'. I unfortunately
mixed up a few plants and now I can't tell the difference any more
(P. 'weber' is a P. moranensis hybrid).



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