Sarracenia flava questions

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Date: Sat May 01 1999 - 19:42:05 PDT

Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 12:42:05 +1000
From: "Nathan J. Clemens" <>
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Subject: Sarracenia flava questions

Dear all

I am wanting some advice on what Sarracenia flava variety has the beautiful
golden pitchers all season long? I suspect that it would be the S.flava
var rugelli. Is that what most Sarracenia growers find, or it is more of a
case of the characteristics of an individual plant? Any advice on this
would be most appreciated, not to mention extremely helpful. I have yet to
posses a said specimen, so I am eager to know just what I have to look for!

Another question that I have, is in regards to Donald Schnell's article in
CPN, Vol. 27, # 4, 1998. This naming (& renaming) the seven noteworthy S.
flava varieties is well overdue, but have these become official as of yet?
Is D. Schnell contactable via email or website at all?

Feel free to contact me direct at:

Many thanks

Nathan J. Clemens

Bowral NSW Australia

Good luck to all of the northern hemisphere enthusiasts in growing
beautiful specimens!!

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