My N. bicalcarata from Steven

From: z_simkunasra@TITAN.SFASU.EDU
Date: Mon Apr 26 1999 - 14:36:15 PDT

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:36:15 -0500 (CDT)
From: z_simkunasra@TITAN.SFASU.EDU
Message-Id: <aabcdefg1458$foo@default>
Subject: My N. bicalcarata from Steven

I bought two N. bicalcaratas from Steven and have had them for exacally
one month now. In that time both grew 2 new leaves each both have new
leaves on the way. Only one had a pitcher, but now it has three and two
new ones forming. The first pitcher is only 1" tall, the second one grew
to 1 1/2", and the third is maturing to 2" in size. My second N.
bicalcarata doesn't have any pitchers yet, but is popping out leaves like
there's no tomarrow. All these scare stories I've read about Nepenthes
are disappearing like the wind or at least they are for N. bicalcarata.
My next goal is to prove that prunning is NOT nessecary for their
survival. So these plants will NOT be pruned at all. Unless they start
taking over my green house.


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