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> >I have found some books about carnivorous mushrooms. Has anybody
>encountered them in real life? Anybody growing them? I am
intrigued by >how they are being carnivorous... > > >Wilson:) >
The carnivorous "mushroom" you are referring to is probably
Nematoctonus which is not really a "mushroom", it is an imperfect
fungi, cheifly attacking nematodes in the soil. Meny other fungi
attack nematodes, Dactylella is another which is more of a parisite
for nematodes. Even some "mushrooms" are known to attack nematodes
but they do so in thier "non-spore" phase. If you think of the
mushroom as the "apple" (seed) and the mycelium as the "tree", its
the mycelium that is doing all the nematode damage, not the
mushroom. Hohenbuehelia is also known to attack nematodes, but not
during mushroom formation. I can't remember which fungi does this,
but one of them has "hoops" incorporated in the mycelium that
constrict around the nematode as it passes through. Hope this

Steve LaWarre Frederik Meijer Gardens

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