CP flowers and the death of some myths

From: z_simkunasra@TITAN.SFASU.EDU
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 07:30:38 PDT

Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 09:30:38 -0500 (CDT)
From: z_simkunasra@TITAN.SFASU.EDU
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Subject: CP flowers and the death of some myths

Hi E-v-o-r-y-body!
Robertivore writing

Both of my Sarracenia flavas and all my VFTs are flowering, so it looks
like I'll get seed this year. Ooooo, big woopie. Just the most common
CPs, but even though; would any one like some seed?

     Also I've started growing my first two Nepenthes (N. bicalcaratas)
since March 25th. I've read that Nepenthes on an average grow about one
leaf a month and here it is, April 13 and both have completely unrolled
two new leaves and one produced one new trap with two more on the way.
After one week, after they became accustomed to their new environment, I
transfered them from 4" pots to 12" pots. So far they are in an unheated
greenhouse with outdoor temps of 85F in the day to 65F-60F at night. I've
been leaving the doors open and the temps inside stay approximately the
same as the temps outside. I've made posts earlier here called Scare
Stories and one of them was that if the temp varries 15F or more then your
Nepenthes will go into shock and die. I've gotten replies that all those
statments were true.
     Mine, however, live in temp variances of 20F-25F and no wilting, no
necrosis, no disease, no infestations, just vigorous growth. In
ruffly 3 weeks time they have went from 5 leaves to 7 leaves with more
well on their way and are producing traps like there's no tomarrow. I
guess it's safe to say that at least N. bicalcarata is an exception to
this rule.
     They also went through humidity fluxuations from 50%-100% with no
ill affects and I repotted them. I was carefull and gental with them
of course, but they still got touched and handled and they're NOT dead!
I know I've only been growing them for three weeks and that's all the
experience I have with Nepenthes, but I doubt that any plant of any kind
would go into shock and the symptom is vigorous growth. Just my


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