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Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 08:26:07 PDT

Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 16:26:07 +0100
From: stuart haxton <>
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Subject: humidity and stuff

Hello everyone,
Sorry to bore you... I'm back to my old problems again... humidity. The
traps are deformed on the Nepenthes and other remedies don't work. I'm
out all day and the terrarium is indoors so a misting system is out of
the would invariably leak and my house would fill up with
water. Some kind of humidifier or fogger would seem the best bet, (non-
mains water?) but can you get ones for really small greenhouses...2ft by
6 ft? Otherwise, is there some simple-but-effective non-electrical
        As a thought, would a small pool of water with a fountain or
waterfall be effective... trays of still water have some effect, but I'm
looking for 70%+ humidity and it just doesn't seem to work!
        Also, a stump of N. Mirabilis that I thought was dead seems to
still have green wood in it! Will it shoot by itself... it's only 1 inch
long... or does it need some kind of stimulation... I think I may lose
it if I don't do anything. Does Shoot-EZ hormone wax help?
        Just got back from Singapore... if you like orchids and
fantastic books on tropical CP it is THE PLACE to go! I only saw two
Neps, but apparently many grow there in the places I didn't visit!


Hope everything is bursting forth this spring plantwise...
Good growing,

Stuart Haxton

P.S. you gotta try growing Mimosa Pudica (sensitive plant)...hours of
amusement... :-)

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