Help for the drosera capensis!

From: Tommy (
Date: Fri Apr 02 1999 - 02:08:13 PST

Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 18:08:13 +0800
From: Tommy <>
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Subject: Help for the drosera capensis!

Dear all,
I have some problems about growing Drosera capensis and I hope somebody
can give some suggestions on that.
I have sowed some Drosera capansis seeds on the surface of fresh live
moss. I have covered the pot with a piece of food wrap to increase the
humidity. Some pores also are made to give ventilation to the seeds. I
put the pot under strong sun everyday. At nite, I will remove the food
wrap and spray some water onto the top of the moss.
After a 4 weeks, I found some plantlets with 3 to 4 leaflets start to
come out. I treated the tiny plantlets as above, however, after about 1
week, some of the plantlets stop growing and die one by one. What's
going wrong? How can I save them? The moss also become pale and don't
look healthy at all now
Is it no good to cover the pot with a food wrap? Or no good to spray on
top? Or I should give some food to the plantlet? but no traps are formed
yet. Is it the sunlight too strong for the plantlets? What can I do to
make them grow healthy? How long for them to grow to a size that have
traps. I am a beginner for growing CP, so I hope somebody can give some
suggestion for me. Thanks for attention!

Beginner in CP,

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