S.flava 'Maxima' problems, RHS Colour charts

From: Loyd Wix (Loyd.Wix@unilever.com)
Date: Tue Mar 23 1999 - 05:22:10 PST

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From: Loyd Wix <Loyd.Wix@unilever.com>
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Subject: S.flava 'Maxima' problems, RHS Colour charts

          Dear All,

          finally catching up with the digests after a long period
          with little to no opportunity to use E-mail at lunch time.
          I've been extremely busy with little time at weekend so
          those of you expecting material from me please be patient
          I will try to send it in due course.

          Firstly Phils S.flava 'maxima' problem

>The plant described by Slack in Insect Eating Plants and
>how to Grow Them is not the same as the plant described
          by >Masters and later Schnell. The plant described by
          Slack is >certainly distinct enough to be regarded as
          different from >other horticultural forms of the species.

          Unfortunately Slack introduced all sort of cv's in his
          IEPAHTGT but the descriptions in the text are rather

>While I agree with all the above comments it does leave
          the >grower with a dilemma - what name do we use when we
          refer >to this plant. There is no questioning that Slack
          was wrong >to use the term "Maxima" to describe this plant
          though >given the level of knowledge of carnivorous plants
          at the >time Slack was writing it is perhaps an
          understandable >error.

          We perhaps have a more fundamental problem as I am sure
          you will find more than one plant labelled 'Maxima'.
          Slacks book came out in '87 if my memory is correct. In
          the late '80's 'Maxima' started to be used as a term to
          incorrectly describe large clones of S.flava not just
          Slacks plant in informal horticultural circles. To add to
          the confusion seed has been distributed as 'Maxima' with
          the result that these seed raised plants have been passed
          around as Slacks 'Maxima'. Add another 10 years of
          horticultural confusion as material is traded around,
          labels get mixed up etc. and even reputable nurserymen
          make genuine mistakes. So will the real 'Maxima' step
          forward please! This problem is not confined to 'Maxima',
          plants were passing around, some again via reputable
          nurserymen of mis labelled 'Burgundy' in the early

>More so when so many people are growing and referring to
>this particularplant as Maxima it does make life very
>difficult. This is of course a prime example of why
          there >should be rules defining not only taxonomical
>naming but also the naming of horticultural cultivars.

>Perhaps once you have finalised the form for the
>registration of cultivars this is one more plant which
          can >be added to the list!

          Phil, if you think you have the genuine Slack plant I
          guess there is nothing to stop you from correcting Slacks
          error and properly registering this cultivar with a non
          latin name. Or am I missing something?


          you asked about RHS colour charts, I cannot help you
          regarding availability in the US. However you can obtain
          a copy by mail order from RHS Enterprises in the UK. They
          also have a web site www.gardeningstore.com though I
          havn't had the opportunity to check this out. I recently
          obtained a set of these colour charts as a reference for
          some of the ice creams and sorbets I am working with. The
          charts cost \243100 plus \2432 P+P in the UK and they
          accept credit card payment.



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