Re: CP of OZ (not) in the UK

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Date: Mon Mar 22 1999 - 11:18:42 PST

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 19:18:42 +0000
From: Phil Wilson <>
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Subject: Re: CP of OZ (not) in the UK

In message <199903221053.KAA26506@uksn82>, Nigel Hurneyman
<> writes
>My local bookshop (Blackwell's) denied all knowledge of CP of Oz 3,
>but they did list CP of Oz 2 as having just been reprinted.
>Have any Brits managed to obtain CP of Oz 3 from within the UK?
>Regards, NigelH


If you check in the back of Vol. 1 or 2 you will find the address of the
UK distributor (he's in Cambridge). You can buy directly from him at
standard retail price.

Phil Wilson
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