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Re: Nepenthes maxima
Concerning Nicholas Plummer's questions on N. maxima (Digest
1752, topic 17): N. maxima Nees, as concluded in Jebb & Cheek,
1997 (Blumea 42 1-106), indeed has a "tooth" that protrudes from
the front of the lid. However, this is not always evident in lower
pitchers. In the maxima group, species-specific characters are
best discerned in the upper pitchers. For example, N. eymae Sh.
Kurata which also has a similar "tooth" similar cannot be reliably
distinguished from N. maxima without upper pitchers. The same is
true of e.g. N. fusca Danser.
Concerning N. curtisii Mast., the short answer is that this is a later
name for N.maxima, but there has been a lot of confusion about it!
Our Flora Malesiana Nepenthes account should be finished soon. It
contains even more detail on questions like this than our last
I hope this helps and that your plants are growing well.
Martin Cheek

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