Re: Oudoor Nepenthes in California

Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 16:58:31 PST

Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 19:58:31 EST
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Subject: Re: Oudoor Nepenthes in California

Wilson in Antioch, California writes:
>> I wonder if it's possible for me to grow nepenthes outdoor in my area
without any
>>complicated set up. In my area, the summer is very dry and hot (above 100F
in the
>>hottest summer days). And in winter, it's rainy and can drop down to 20-30
F. Any
Mark Pogany ( in Ohio ) responds:
>>Nepenthes usually require above average humidity to pitcher. I'm not sure
that your
>>particular climate would be suited to their requirements without the aid of
some kind of
>>structure that protects the plants from dry winds...
>>three above have turned out to be the hardiest ( N. khasiana, N. alata, and
N. ventricosa)
>>can take low temperatures temporarily, that is to say anything above 30f or
so, if
>>the plants are well established and protected from the wind and wild
temperature >>fluctuations.

In San Francisco, which is much more moderate from the influence of the
Pacific and its famous fog, and less affected by the Sacramento Valley than
Antioch, we grow some Nepenthes outside. Geoff Wong has had a large N. maxima
outside for a couple of years now, its huge, but it doesn't have very many
pitchers. This year we had a low temp of about 30 deg. F ( about -1 deg.C. )
and there was no damage to that maxima or to my khasiana or the khasiana x
alata that I have outside, as one would expect. Nor did Geoff loose his other
highland species that were outside; N khasiana, carunculata, spathulata,
tentaculata and ventricosa. Some seedling villosas and raja's bit it though.
Judith Finn found that at the U.C. Botanical Garden on the hills above
Berkeley the 20 deg. F. (about -6 deg. C.) temperatures in December killed a
number of CP including a N. ventricosa that at first was thought to have
survived. I think that in the more severe climate of Antioch ( farther East )
any Nepenthes had better be under cover, if not in a climate-controlled
environment. This ain't Kansas, but it aint Borneo either.
Good Luck ( on St Paddy's Day )
and Cheers,

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