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Date: Mon Mar 15 1999 - 16:53:27 PST

Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 19:53:27 -0500
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Hi Andrew,
I have only had long term success with H. minor and H. heterodoxa. Only
under fluorescent lights. I use 18 hr light cycles to develop the red
spoons. I keep them about 5 to 6 cm away from the tubes. They do very well
in winter outdoors on the porch with nightime lows 11c. to 15c. and daytime
highs near 26c. By early spring they have to come inside due to increases in
daytime temps. The best I can do during summer without a special cooling
system is maintain the plants, very little if any growth. People on this
list have stated that Heliamphora can grow in much warmer temp ranges. I
have not seen this. I use pure living sphagnum mixed with pumice and allow
complete drainage. I have found that Heliamphora do very well next to the
wet pads in the greenhouse where alittle mist drizzles down 24hr aday and
the temps may be even somewhat cooler.
Heliamphora do not like to be transplanted and they take awhile to recover,
they are also suspect to disease in this state. Your temps seem desireable
during the pm and maybe just a tad low for the days. Humidity is ok, higher
is hard to get but better. It just sounds like transplant shock, and
hopefully the crowns will regain pushing new leaves out.
St. Petersburg Fl
zone 10a
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>I've only recently been trying to grow Heliamphora and until now
>have not had a problem with them. My main terrarium is in my garage
>and gets no natural light at all - I can control light and
>temperature myself and the plants in there are thriving. The
>problem is that I have now set up a terrarium in the house and the
>plants are not doing as well.
>The terrarium in the house is on a 14 hour light photoperiod and
>only the heat from the light keeps the day temperature at around 22C
>- night temperature drops to about 16C. Since replanting some of my
>Heliamphora and placing in this new terrarium some of the new growth
>is starting to wither and look perished as if they have dried up.
>The plants are sprayed daily with water and the humidity of the
>terrarium is constantly around 85%. As far as I can tell conditions
>look pretty good so I am confused why this is happening.
>Can anyone give any advice on what may be going on here?
>Temperature problem, repotting problem?
>If the degradation continues I am going to have to move them to the
>cramped terrarium in the garage but I don't think my Nepenthes would
>like that very much! :-)
>Any comments would be appreciated.
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