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Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 12:25:43 PST

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Subject: RE: Nepenthes~ ~ ~SCARE ~ ~Stories~~

        Hey Robertivore,

> "Don't Shock the Nepenthes!"
> BUT! Wouldn't pruning the plant be a shock?

        Listen, these plants grow in the wild. Various elements
         of nature can break a nepenthes vine and the plant
        can survive nonetheless.

        Use some common sense when pruning. The less you
        prune off, the better for the mother plant. Removing
        50% of the vegetative growth is more detrimental than
        removing 10%.

        If your plants are small, why prune them at all? Are
        you really pushing to propagate them? Nepenthes
        look their best (my opinion) when you let them grow
        as they would in nature. I prune my plants only when
        they become inconveniently large, or when side shoots
        start growing and the main vine starts looking less than
        optimal. The smaller plants are left alone.


        Perry Malouf

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