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Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 04:15:58 PST

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From: questions@researchtools.com
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Subject: Unique Research / Reference Data

CensusCD Blocks.
Contains a complete set of data and maps, for 7 Million US census
blocks. Includes all Census Bureau population and housing data,
100% detailed TIGER block boundaries and many value-added items
such as block to ZIP projections. A sophisticated reporting engine
with SQL-like filtering, and thematic mapping software are

CensusCD 1980.
It took until 1999, but finally 1980 Census data is in a format
that anyone can use. Time series analysis on areas as small as a
Census Tract, can now be done with over 1,500 variables. Mapping
software and boundaries for 1980 tracts, counties, states, places,
and MCD, are included.

75 CD-ROMs (50 gigabytes) of US demographic data (1790-2002) and
geographic boundaries, with estimates, projections, consumer
expenditure, time series, historical data, as well as a complete
set of 1990 Census data. Library Journal calls it a "MUST BUY".
USA Today places it on its reviewers' recommended list of
software. And Business Geographics' lists "Weaknesses: None".

CensusCD Blocks & CensusCD 1980 are available in national and
state versions. Unique compression technology allows all
products, to conveniently run from one CD, under Windows 95/98/NT.
These products allow all data and boundaries, to be exported to
other statistical, and mapping packages. Discounts are available
for academic, government, non-profit, student lab, and classroom
use. For more information Contact GeoLytics at 800-577-6717,
mailto:questions@geolytics.com. or visit http://www.geolytics.com

E-mail allows us to keep our research data products priced lower
than anyone else. If you are not interested (to remove) Send an
email to: mailto:remove@censuscd.com .
Thank you.

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