Re: D, helodes = nitidula x pulchella?

Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 14:04:33 PST

Date:          Fri, 26 Feb 1999 14:04:33 
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Subject:       Re: D, helodes = nitidula x pulchella?

Dear Matt,

> Ive got plants received as "D.helodes" as well as plants received as
> "D.nitidula x pulchella". The 2 are currently flowering and look prety
> identical to me. Is the former a synonym for the later or could this
> have been the result of a mixup on the senders end (surely wasnt one on
> my part!) :) Mark P.? You there? Any idea? Anyone?

I do not know how the mentioned hybrid looks like, the two parents
being quite different from each other. There is a picture of _D.
helodes_ in Allen Lowrie's second book. Have you compared your plants
with this?

_D. pulchella_ has 2n=18 (always?), _D. nitidula_ has 2n=28
chromosomes. Therefore, the 2n=18 of _D. helodes_ do not support
its being a hybrid of the two other species.

Kind regards

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