RE: D. spatulata retentive glands

From: Mellard, David (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 04:56:45 PST

Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 07:56:45 -0500
From: "Mellard, David" <>
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Subject: RE: D. spatulata retentive glands

>Is this now regarded as news in NZ? Please check out Darwin,

The amazing thing about cp's (and science and life in general) is that we
are continuously rediscovering many of the same things. It's one of the
things that makes cp's fascinating; it's like being a kid again in
elementary school and learning things that many of the big people have known
for a long time, but yet it brings awe to the discoverer. I like hearing
this awe of discovery; many times it's the first time for me, too


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