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Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 07:01:56 PST

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Subject: RE: Peat/Sand

 As far as sand goes, try your local pool company. Most of the sand they
sell for pool filters is semi course Silica Sand. If this sand is silica,
use a mask when dumping it out of the bag or better yet, wet it down to keep
the dust from getting into your lungs. Another place to look for sand(silica
sand) is your local sand blasting company. They sell different grades of
sand for about $6.00 per 100 pound bags. Hope this helps. Charles Brewer,
Va. Beach, Va.

> I excavated a small site for a bog area last fall, but didn't get finished
> before cold weather hit, so I overwintered some Sarracenia and Dionaea
> in large rubbermaid containers which were placed in the excavation and
> surrounded by mulch.
> I tried to figure out the best sand to use in the recommended
> 50/peat 50/sand mix, and experimented in the different containers.
> Filter sand and Play sand from Walmart and a Home Depot product were used.
> I've still no clue which one is the "sharp" sand all the faqs refer to.
> It's now time to fill in the 4' x 9' bog area and I'd like to be certain I
> use the
> correct sand. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
> Thank you kindly.
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