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Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 16:57:53 PST

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Subject: RE:Aldrovanda culture

                In response to inquiry from : "Adao Pereira"
                I grew some Aldrovanda beautifully here in Charlotte, NC
during summer of 1999. I placed the just-growing plants in a 3' diameter (3
feet deep as well) tank of aquatic plants (Including Pickerel-weed,
Utricularia gibba, and bull-rushes). Air temps during summer ranged from
85-95 deg F, falling to 70 at night. Water temp would have been WARM. The
water was a combination of rain water, and our city water with pH of 8. Our
water quality is very good. Algae growth was minor. The Aldrovanda plants
grew in open water AND in about 1" water ABOVE the layer of Utricularia (we
kept filling the tank as water went down, and the Utric stayed lower in the
water). The Aldrovanda grew very fast, constantly forking, and breaking
into separate plants. By summer's end we had a dozen or more separate
plants 1-4 inches long. The plants flowered several times, and seemed to
make seeds pods. In fall they formed dormant turions and sank to the bottom
of the tank. We will see if they come back this spring. There were a few
minnows also in the tank, and snails. In all it seemed a balanced
situation. I had read that the conditions for Aldrovanda were exacting, so
I was surprised to get such good success with so little effort on my part.

Larry Mellichamp
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Charlotte, NC 28223
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